Kirkis - Mirror

Michael Kirkis is the mastermind behind Kirkis, a Melbourne-based group that processes jazz and electronic influences to wonderfully enjoyable ends. “Mirror,” the latest offering from Kirkis, sees the group exploring a relaxed, spacious groove replete with a sensual bassline, breathy vocals, and some twinkling keys. The dreamy, celestial aesthetic is certainly rather similar to the sound that Flying Lotus and Thundercat have been exploring for the past few years, but the knotty, dissonant synthesizer stabs that crop up during the last third of the song defiantly position this track in somewhat more experimental territory. You can stream “Mirror” just below.

Kirkis will release a new album titled Liverbleach on Floating Points’ Eglo Records later this year.

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IRVING PENN, Miles Davis hand and trumpet. New York (1986). / blackpicture

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